Training Program

Training Program

Human resources development (HRD) has been a key factor behind the success of Korea’s development.  In a country where natural resources were scarce and investment capital was lacking, it was through the expansion and upgrading of human resources that Korea was able to escape from the vicious cycle of poverty and underdevelopment.  It is for this reason that KOICA has been providing various training programs focusing on HRD.  Since 1991, KOICA has trained more than 25,000 trainees from 163 partner countries in around 1,500 training courses.

KOICA’s Training Program in the Philippines



  • Achieve socio-economic development, in line with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
  • Promote human resources development
  • Strengthen local capacities



KOICA invites government officials, technicians, and other professionals all over the Philippines for short and long-term training in Korea to transfer Korean development know-how and strategies.  The training program is designed to encourage a dynamic sharing of Korea’s development experiences, expertise, and lessons learned.


Sectoral Priorities   

  • Education
  • Rural Development
  • Health
  • Industry and Energy
  • ICT
  • Environment
  • Governance
  • Disaster Relief


Types of KOICA Training Programs  

  • Country Training – tailored programs specifically designed for an individual partner country
  • Regular Training – open to any interested partner countries
  • Special Training – temporarily available owing to particular commitments of the Korean as well as partner governments
  • Joint Training – conducted in partnership with international organizations and other donor agencies
  • Scholarship Program – Master’s degree programs offered to individuals from partner countries

Major Recipient Organizations

  • Government Agencies

National Government Agencies
Constitutional Offices
Executive and Legislative Offices
Local Government Units
Government Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCCs)
State Universities and Colleges (SUCs)

  • Private-Sector Companies
  • Privately Owned Academic Institutions
  • Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and Foundations


Targeting Criteria


Training Program Recipients in the Philippines (1991-2010)

From 1991-2010, 1,719 Filipinos have been trained in Korea in 810 training courses.



KOICA Training Application Process