Philippine Program

Philippine Program


In its efforts to help the Philippines reduce poverty and achieve sustainable socio-economic development, the Korean Government initiated its assistance to the country in 1991 through the invitation of Philippine government officials for training in Korea.  In December 1994, the KOICA-Philippine Office was formally established to directly implement the grant-based Official Development Assistance (ODA) of Korea to the Philippines.

Throughout years of cooperation and partnership, KOICA has been supporting the Philippines’ development efforts on the fields of agriculture, ICT, education, health, governance, infrastructure, energy, environment and disaster relief.


Program Size

From 1991-2010, KOICA’s total grant assistance to the Philippines amounted to around US$76 million. Throughout the years, its ODA to the country has steadily increased from an annual average of US$6 million from 2003-2007 to around US$12 million from 2008-2010.

This figure is seen to increase in the coming years as Korea expects to double its ODA and triple its grant aid to the ASEAN region by 2015 and achieve an ODA/GNI ratio of 0.25% in accordance with the Millennium Development Goals.