Philippine-Korea Knowledge Sharing on Disability Development Programs (27 September 2017)

The knowledge sharing consisted of lecture-presentations and discussions on the various disability programs of the Republic of Korea (ROK) and Republic of the Philippines (RP) delivered by distinguished lecturers/resource persons from the National Council on Disability Affairs and other partner agencies. The following topics and areas were discussed: Korea’s Social Development Policies on Disability and the Philippine Government’s policies on: ) Social Welfare and Service Delivery System for Persons with Disabilities, Accessibility and Barrier-Free Environment, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Programs, Special Education/Inclusive Education Program, Sports and Cultural Programs, Public Policy and Legislative Agenda on Disability and Human Rights and Justice of Persons with Disabilities.

The participants were stakeholders from the different national government agencies and entities who are directly or indirectly responsible in delivering services to persons with disabilities, majority of them are members of NCDA Governing Board. It also included representatives of non-government organizations and disabled people’s organizations.