Program Goal and Objectives

The goal of KOICA’s development cooperation program with the Philippines is to help alleviate poverty by promoting sustainable socio-economic development and supporting the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  In line with the priorities under the Philippine Development Plan 2010-2016 and drawing on Korea’s development experience and comparative advantage, KOICA works on the following strategic objectives:

Strategic Objective 1: Promote Agricultural Development

  • Increase Rice Productivity

KOICA aims to improve the efficiency of rice production and processing system as a means of reducing post-harvest losses and improving the quality of rice.  By providing assistance to boost productivity of rice, KOICA would contribute to increasing income of farmers and achieving rice self-sufficiency in the Philippines by 2013.

  • Increase Added-value of Agricultural Products

KOICA seeks to raise the value and competitiveness of local crops, livestock and fisheries to improve the income level of people at the rural level.  Agro-industrial development would be promoted to fully utilize existing natural resources, generate employment and maintain food security.



Strategic Objective 2: Strengthen Economic Infrastructure

  • Establish Infrastructure for Regional Development

KOICA will help jump-start regional development by organizing rural areas into Multi-Industry Clusters (MIC) and providing them with infrastructure for agro-based industries, renewable energy, manufacturing and eco-tourism.  This would provide the people with better access to employment and livelihood opportunities.

  • Improve Transportation Infrastructure

KOICA will assist in the development of transport networks that will open up new economic opportunities, reduce transportation and transaction costs of business, and increase access to social services. This interconnection will strengthen the socioeconomic, cultural and political linkages between and among regions and eventually decentralize progress and bring development to the countryside.



Strategic Objective 3: Enhance Health Services

  • Prevent and Control TB

KOICA seeks to enhance the capacity of the public health sector in handling Tuberculosis and its other complicated forms.  By strengthening health infrastructure and improving capacity of local health workers, KOICA could contribute in attaining the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goal of reducing TB deaths by 50% by the year 2015.




Cross-Cutting Themes:  HRD, Governance and Climate Change

– HRD support on technical-vocational training

– Governance initiatives on e-government and regional economic development strategies

– Reduction of climate change impact through activities on disaster mitigation, water supply and renewable energy