Message from KOICA

song minhyeon 5

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the KOICA Philippine Office and the Philippine KOICA Fellows Association (PHILKOFA). I invite you to explore our website to learn about KOICA’s development cooperation program in the Philippines as well as our alumni association’s events and activities.

Korea experienced the challenges of developing countries firsthand because it was one of the poorest nations after World War II. It was through foreign aid and intensive training of human resources that Korea was able to recover from the ashes of the Korean War in the 1950s and transform itself into a globally-influential economy today. KOICA hopes that its technical assistance will similarly have the same stimulus on the growth and development of the Philippines.

As a way to share our experience and expertise to Filipinos, the Korean government implements Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects in the country and offers capacity development programs to government officials. KOICA’s alumnus or PhilKOFAns, experts in their respective fields, continuously impart their knowledge not only within their organizations but also to the society at large. PhilKOFAns, in the spirit of volunteerism, also implements development community activities.

I hope that you find useful information about KOICA and PHILKOFA’s development activities in the Philippines in our website.

Thank you.