Korea Overseas Volunteers (KOV)

Under the banner of the Korean Government’s World Friends Korea (WFK), the Korea Overseas Volunteer (KOV) program promotes technical manpower development and transfer of advanced technology by deploying volunteers to live and work together with local communities in the developing world. Known as the frontline of Korean assistance, KOVs work directly with local communities in partner countries, making practical contributions to their economic and social development.  The KOV Program is the 3rd largest volunteer – sending program in the world promoting human resources development (HRD) through provision and transfer of technical assistance and advanced technology in local communities in the developing world.


KOV Program in the Philippines

KOICA dispatches volunteers to the Philippines in accordance with the needs of its partner organizations, and taking into consideration the MDGs, the development priorities of the Philippine government, and Korea’s comparative advantages. KOVs in the Philippines are Korean men and women ages 20 to 62 years old who work with local partners for a term of two years in fields such as Technical and Vocational Training, Rural Development, Education and Culture, ICT and Public Health. Since 1990, more than 414 KOVs have been sent all over the Philippines, including Mindanao.




  • To promote HRD and transfer of technology through provision of technical assistance to partner communities and institutions
  • To contribute to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals and the development priorities of the Philippine government; and
  • To raise awareness on development cooperation


Partner Organizations

  • National Government Units
  • Local Government Units
  • Academic Institutions
  • Non-Government Organizations

Deployment Framework


KOV’s in the Philippines

Site Selection Criteria

  • Poverty incidence
  • Enrolment rate in elementary and secondary education
  • Environmental concerns based on the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency’s (PNVSCA) priority areas of convergence
  • Effectiveness of Korea’s comparative advantages


Priority Geographic Sites

KOV Sectoral Priorities in the Philippines

  • ICT Education
  • Rural Development
  • Youth Education
  • Public Health Services
  • Korean Language Education


Sectoral Distribution