KOICA Training Application Process

To be eligible for the training courses, applicants have to be officially nominated by their government agency/institution and satisfy the qualifications below:

  • Have sufficient educational or professional background in the field
  • Be currently working for a relevant organization
  • Have sufficient command of both spoken and written English
  • Be in good health to undergo the course
  • Not have previous experience in any of KOICA’s training programs within the past three (3) years
  • Be expected to work in a related field for at least one year after completion of the training program


Basic Documentary Requirements (in triplicate copies)

1. Duly-accomplished KOICA Training Application Form

2. Official nomination letter from the government agency/institution

3. Curriculum Vitae/Resume

4. Certificate of Employment


Other requirements

Accepted nominees must immediately secure overseas travel requirements such as Official/Regular Passport and Travel Order from their agency. Participants who could not secure an Official Passport may use their Regular Passport, provided that they obtain a Korean Visa by direclty applying for it at the Korean Embassy.


Forms for download:

KOICA Training Application Form

Korean Visa Application Form

Korean Visa Requirements