KOICA Training Application Process

To be eligible for the training courses, applicants have to be officially nominated by their government agency/institution and satisfy the qualifications below: Have sufficient educational or professional background in the field Be currently working for a relevant organization Have sufficient command of both spoken and written English Be in good health to undergo the course Not have previous experience in any of KOICA’s training programs within the past three (3) years Be expected to work in a related field for at least one year after completion of the training program   Basic Documentary Requirements (in triplicate copies) 1. Duly-accomplished KOICA Training Application Form 2. Official nomination letter from the government agency/institution 3. Curriculum Vitae/Resume 4. Certificate of Employment   Other requirements Accepted nominees must immediately secure overseas travel requirements such as Official/Regular Passport and Travel Order from their agency. Participants who could not secure an Official Passport may use their ...

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Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief   KOICA provides emergency relief (cash donation and relief supplies) and rehabilitation assistance (equipment and vehicles) to victims of conflict and natural disasters.   Notable was the humanitarian aid provided by KOICA Philippines to the following:  Disaster Relief for Typhoons Milenyo & Reming victims (US$ 150,000) Disaster Relief & Reconstruction Support for the Southern Leyte landslide victims (US$ 1 million) Donation for the Victims of Typhoon “Frank” (US$ 300,000) Emergency Relief Assistance for the Victims of Typhoons “Ondoy” and “Pepeng” ($600,000)

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DevtStudy Overview

The Development Study program conducts basic surveys, master plans, feasibility studies, engineering designs or combined studies for a wide variety of projects. Areas covered by this program include energy, agriculture and infrastructure.

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FS on the Establishment of Multi-Industry Clusters (MIC) in the Phil


(2010-2011 / US$1.1 million) This project will utilize an effective Multi-Industry Cluster model, consisting of agro-based industries, renewable energy and other eco-tourism industries to enhance the economic growth potential of appropriate Philippine provinces. In partnership with the Department of Agriculture and other relevant agencies, KOICA is conducting survey and selection of MIC sites, concept design, feasibility study and implementation plan of the selected area, training program in Korea and international workshops.

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FS for the Master Devt Plan of the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport

(2007-2008 / US$2 million) In partnership with the Clark International Airport Corporation, KOICA conducted the feasibility studies for the DMIA Master Development Plan. The project will help DMIA progress into a premier gateway of the Philippines and a leading international service and logistics center in the Asia Pacific Region.

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FS for the New Passenger Terminal and Master Plan of the Mactan-Cebu International Airport


(2010-2011 / US$1.1 million) In partnership with the Department of Transportation & Communications and the Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority, KOICA is undertaking the Master Plan of the Mactan Cebu International Airport and the Feasibility Study for the construction of the new passenger terminal.      

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FS on the C6 Expressway Project

(2011-2012 / US$1.3 million) KOICA is conducting this study with the Department of Public Works and Highways to help establish the viability and implementation options of various PPP schemes and combination for the C-6 Project.

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FS on the Construction and Improvement of Selected National Roads in the Phil


(2006-2007 / US$1 million) KOICA, in partnership with the Department of Public Works and Highways, conducted the feasibility study on the construction and improvement of 7 major arterial road networks in the Luzon and Visayas Regions. This feasibility study covered a total road length of 763 kilometers.

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FS and DD on the Improvement of Malinao Dam


(2007-2008 / US$1 million) KOICA conducted the feasibility studies and detailed design for the improvement of the Malinao Dam with the National Irrigation Administration and the Provincial Government of Bohol. The improvement of the Malinao Dam will help increase farmer’s income and maintain food security in the province.

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FS on the Improvement of Performance Standards for the Electricity Distribution Sector in the Phil

(2002-2003 / US$0.7 million) KOICA conducted this study with the Department of Energy to identify major causes and determine the economic impact of electric power losses and forced outages in the operation and viability of different distribution utilities. The project contributed to the improvement of performance level of the electricity distribution sector.

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