The Philippine KOICA Fellows Association, Inc. (PHILKOFA) is the alumni association of the participants to academic and training courses, workshops, seminars, and other activities sponsored by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) in the Republic of Korea.   Vision By 2015, PHILKOFA is an internationally recognized service-oriented, self-sustaining and competent organization of KOICA scholars vital in promoting understanding and cooperation among peoples and nations.   Mission PHILKOFA commits itself to: Be a link between and among KOICA scholars and other organizations for continuing education and resource mobilization. Provide relevant services to its members and the community.   Objectives Maintain linkages between and among KOICA scholars here and abroad through social networking sites, newsletter and website. Collaborate with other organizations for continuing education and resource mobilization. Conduct community services. Establish mechanisms for sustainability.   Strategies Linkaging and Networking Knowledge Management   Governance The governing body of the association is the ...

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Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief   KOICA provides emergency relief (cash donation and relief supplies) and rehabilitation assistance (equipment and vehicles) to victims of conflict and natural disasters.   Notable was the humanitarian aid provided by KOICA Philippines to the following:  Disaster Relief for Typhoons Milenyo & Reming victims (US$ 150,000) Disaster Relief & Reconstruction Support for the Southern Leyte landslide victims (US$ 1 million) Donation for the Victims of Typhoon “Frank” (US$ 300,000) Emergency Relief Assistance for the Victims of Typhoons “Ondoy” and “Pepeng” ($600,000)

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DevtStudy Overview

The Development Study program conducts basic surveys, master plans, feasibility studies, engineering designs or combined studies for a wide variety of projects. Areas covered by this program include energy, agriculture and infrastructure.

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