The Philippine KOICA Fellows Association, Inc. (PHILKOFA) is the alumni association of the participants to academic and training courses, workshops, seminars, and other activities sponsored by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) in the Republic of Korea.


By 2020, 20% of KOICA scholars have shared skills, expertise, learnings, knowledge and services to target beneficiaries and communities towards the betterment of lives in 400 communities (i.e. sectors/groups in society).


PHILKOFA commits itself to:

  • Be a link between and among KOICA scholars and other organizations for continuing education and resource mobilization.
  • Provide relevant services to its members and the community.


  • Maintain linkages between and among KOICA scholars here and abroad through social networking sites, newsletter and website.
  • Collaborate with other organizations for continuing education and resource mobilization.
  • Conduct community services.
  • Establish mechanisms for sustainability.


  • Linkaging and Networking
  • Knowledge Management


The governing body of the association is the Board of Trustees. The members of the Board are elected by the general membership. The Board of Trustees elect among themselves the officers of the association which consist of the President, Vice President for the National Capital Region, Vice President for Luzon, Vice President for the Visayas, Vice President for Mindanao, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, and Public Relations Officer.


The membership base is distributed into four geographic areas – National Capital Region, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Each area is headed by a vice president. A network of regional coordinative mechanisms serves as the communication and support link between officers and members in the different regions of the country.

There are six standing committees in the association, namely: Finance and Awards, Education and Training; Sports and Cultural Affairs, Social Services, Membership and Public Information, and Special Concerns.


All Filipino participants of KOICA-sponsored scholarship and training programs shall automatically become members of the association. By drawing members from various professions and areas of specialization from the different regions all over the country, the association offers the broadest possible forum for collegial communication. Members network to share ideas, work together, and help one another implement the plans, programs and projects of the association.

Membership Categories

There are two categories of membership in the PHILKOFA.

An active member is a member in good standing. He is one who has paid his one-time membership fee, annual dues, and other authorized fees or assessments to the association has not violated any provision of the association’s by-laws, rules and regulations, and has complied with the obligations, duties and undertakings of membership. An active member is entitled to vote, hold any elective or appointive position, attend activities and meetings, avail of the facilities and services, and examine records and books of the association.

A non-active member is one who has not paid any or all of the authorized fees of the association. He may have access to the deliberations and meetings and avail of the facilities and services of the association.


The official publication of the association is The PHILKOFA News. Published biannually, the PHILKOFA News serves as a source of updates on policy issues and organizational activities of the PHILKOFA and the KOICA and as a medium of collegial interaction for promoting technical and cultural exchange among the members.